Atlas Obscura Events

As part of a small team in a startup, I’ve planned the technical, logistical, and creative elements of events across the country.

Events include:

  • In the Element” in partnership with Gore-Tex and Ghostly International for SXSW featuring outdoors excursions around Austin and waterside musical performances
  • Assembly” sponsored by Chase Sapphire, the first public event in Philadelphia’s BOK building, celebrating underground art in the city
  • Into The Veil,” a nighttime performance festival that toured through 3 different cemeteries
  • Total Eclipse Festival” in the middle of Oregon for the 2017 celestial event, featuring a total from-scratch build-out and a full schedule of scientists and psychedelic musicians
  • Obscura Day” 2017, a single day filled with hundreds of events across the world, designed to inspire our audience out exploring the world
  • A weekend in the Woolworth Building for Sotheby’s , with four programs that used expert guidance, interactive art, live music to enliven a selection of rare manuscripts


The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies

Since 2011, I’ve organized a series of history lectures featuring dozens of lectures and speakers across New York City. The goal with programming is to focus on storytelling and inviting environments to make a continued learning of history accessible and attractive.

The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies has collaborated with numerous institutions for programming, including Groupmuse and the Brooklyn Historical Society. Most notably was the collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum to develop an ongoing series of public engagement events titled “Art History Happy Hour” since 2015.




I seek to create events for my communities that I wish existed in the world, but don’t yet. They’re designed to be fun, surprising, transgression, and generous, taking cues from DIY art ethos. The most typical locations for these pop-up experiences tend to be art galleries or the streets of my city.

  • Dinner Dance Parties, Flux Factory
  • Fall of Rome, Flux Factory
  • Instagram Cafe, Internet Yami-Ichi, The Knockdown Center
  • Prohibition History, the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival
  • The “Bear Crawl” Game, Brooklyn
  • New York Tourism Scavenger Hunt
  • Street Legal Birthday Block Party, Williamsburg Brooklyn
  • Medieval Times, Idiotarod
  • Champagne Sabering, Safety Fest, Brooklyn
  • Mystery Grilled Cheese Truck, The Lost Horizon Night Market

Queens county committee

As of June 2020, I successfully campaigned to represent my district on the Queens County Committee. As a new member of the party, I join a group of political activists working to make this elected body more democratic, transparent, inclusive, accountable, and accessible.


For a decade, I worked in the emerging field of Comms Planning in advertising. The field of Comms Planning, also called Engagement Planning, Channel Planning, sits between traditional Brand Strategy and Media Planning.

As a Comms Planning Director, I worked to adapt brand’s creative ideas across different media channels, spend media dollars effectively across channels, and shepherd brands onto new platforms (including managing Cadillac’s MySpace page in 2007).

Through Comms Planning work, campaigns I’ve worked on have won awards including the Jay Chiat Strategic Excellence Award for Unilever/ Fear No Susan Glenn and Effie Worldwide Gold for Cole Haan/ #dontgohome.

Past clients include: Visa/Olympics, Johnson & Johnson, UNICEF, Reebok, Converse, Apple, CVS, Capital One, Chobani, and Organic Valley.


Presentation classes

There’s a frequently referenced claim about how people remember 80 percent of what they see and do, 10 percent of what they hear, and 20 percent of what they read. Regardless of statistical veracity, there’s a reason why this claim feels true – effective storytelling needs a compelling visual element.

As someone who has produced hundreds of Powerpoints, Keyonotes, presos and decks, I’ve made it a point to help others with their visual storytelling. I’ve created presentation making guides for my SASS speakers, consulted peers on presentation skills, and taught a Powerpoint Design for the Brooklyn Brainery.


Silent Barn

Silent Barn was an underground arts and music collective in New York City from 2006-2018.  The unusual arts space in a 3 story building hosted performances nearly every night, but also contained a zine library, an art supply store stocked with free found materials, a barber shop/ record store.

In its Brooklyn iteration, I managed internal communications for a 70-person collective, led weekly meetings for the workgroup “Risky Bizness”, and oversaw legal compliance for an arts and music business in New York City from 2012-2014. In an ambitious undertaking that differs from other DIY spaces in NYC and elsewhere, Silent Barn looked to ensure a lasting legacy and long presence through by pursuing true business legality as documented in the NY Times article, They Say Art Is Dead in New York. They’re Wrong..