Too often, historical content is presented through dull facts and figures, only enjoyable by those with an extraordinary interest in military tactics or those who already have a deep knowledge base already. I work hard to develop presentations of historical events that attract, entertain, and educate audiences. With a focus on meaningful, clear communication and well-designed presentations, I hope to inspire audiences who may never have thought of themselves as “history” enthusiasts to learn more about the world before them.

Below is a selected list of lecture topics that I’ve previously prepared and delivered. All talks given through The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies unless otherwise noted.

I am also available to prepare or curate custom talks on these themes and more. Contact me at larissa.hayden@gmail.com to discuss further.

voucher by Alice Design from the Noun Project

Cultural History Lectures

  • The History of American Pop Music (with live musical accompaniment)
  • Beatlemania & The British Invasion
  • Meme Culture, Presentation Party Night for Internet Week
  • The History of Souvenirs, Brooklyn Museum

Frida Kahlo by Robyn Cadavona from the Noun Project

Art History Lectures

  • Illustrations of the Inebriated: The History of Painting the Drunk, Brooklyn Museum
  • The Art of the Olympics, Brooklyn Museum

Scroll by Flatart from the Noun Project


US History Lectures

  • The Dust Bowl
  • The American Civil War
  • Secret Societies and the Skull & Bones
  • Lifestyles of the Colonial Rich & Famous, Brooklyn Museum

Statue of Liberty by Maxicons from the Noun Project


New York City History Lectures

  • Brooklyn Icons, Brooklyn Historical Society
  • American Prohibition: The Drinking Game
  • Advertising in New York, Before the Mad Men

hourglass by Gimzy7 from the Noun Project


General History Lectures

  • The Black Plague
  • The Russian Revolution
  • Serial Killers of the World, Presentation Party Night