History helps people better understand the world around them, and should be accessible and engaging to everyone. From this conviction, Larissa has partnered with NYC venues and institutions to create presentations of historical topics that attract, entertain, and educate audiences for nearly a decade. With a focus on meaningful, clear communication and well-designed visuals, she hopes to inspire audiences who may never have thought of themselves as history enthusiasts to learn more about the past and how it shapes the present.

Below is a selected list of lecture topics that Larissa has previously prepared and delivered. All talks given through The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies unless otherwise noted.

voucher by Alice Design from the Noun Project

Cultural History Lectures

  • The History of American Pop Music (with live musical accompaniment)
  • Beatlemania & The British Invasion
  • Meme Culture, Presentation Party Night for Internet Week
  • The History of Souvenirs, Brooklyn Museum

Frida Kahlo by Robyn Cadavona from the Noun Project

Art History Lectures

  • Illustrations of the Inebriated: The History of Painting the Drunk, Brooklyn Museum
  • The Art of the Olympics, Brooklyn Museum

Scroll by Flatart from the Noun Project


US History Lectures

  • The Dust Bowl
  • The American Civil War
  • Secret Societies and the Skull & Bones
  • Lifestyles of the Colonial Rich & Famous, Brooklyn Museum

Statue of Liberty by Maxicons from the Noun Project


New York City History Lectures

  • Brooklyn Icons, Brooklyn Historical Society
  • American Prohibition: The Drinking Game
  • Advertising in New York, Before the Mad Men

hourglass by Gimzy7 from the Noun Project


General History Lectures

  • The Black Plague
  • The Russian Revolution
  • Serial Killers of the World, Presentation Party Night