Larissa Hayden is an experience creator, history communicator, trend analyst, and marketing professional located in New York City.  

In 2011, she co-founded The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies, a series recommended by the likes of The New York Times and Time Out New York. As part of public public-engagement efforts around history, she consults with New York institutions, like The Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Historical Society, to create events around history.

In a decidedly more modern pursuit, she also creates culturally connected experiences for some of the biggest companies in the world as Sr. Director of Brand Marketing/ Experiential Strategy at 160over90, an Endeavor company. 

Previously, as an experiences asst. director at Atlas Obscura for four years, Larissa created once-in-a-lifetime experiences around the country, for groups of explorers from 4,000 to 4. The startup attracted a significant investment from Airbnb, largely due to the quality and curation of Atlas Obscura events, and became Airbnb Experience’s largest partnership. 

As a longtime member of New York’s DIY art scene, Larissa also helped run an arts/ music small business called The Silent Barn Arts Collective, and has played a part in numerous underground events from alleyways to waterways. 

Recently, she’s sat on the board of The Metropolitan Chapter of the Victorian Society in America, lead media outreach for New York City’s first every Fungus Fest with the New York Myological Society, and acted as the Artist Lead for Ukraine AidLive.